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Russian/Soviet Шлем Маска Безкоробочный (ШМБ)

The Russian/Soviet Шлем Маска Безкоробочный (ШМБ) was the mask included with the Противогаз Безкоробочный Фильтрующий (ПБФ) kit.  It was made of either gray or black rubber, and had built-in cheek filters.  It featured a speech diaphragm, and two small flat eyepieces for use with optical devices.  The gray mask was made in Moscow in 1974, and the black mask was made in Saratov in 1985.

Шлем Маска Безкоробочный (ШМБ) = "Helmet Mask Without Box (ShMB)"

Противогаз Безкоробочный Фильтрующий ( ПБФ) = "Gas Mask Without Box Filter (PBF)"

Similar masks in my collection:  N/A

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