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Russian/Soviet Macka Детский 3 (МД-3), size 3

The Russian/Soviet size 3 Маска Детский 3 (МД-3) was the medium size mask included with the Противогаз Детский Фильтрующий Школьный (ПДФ-Ш) kit.  It was made of black rubber and sized for school-age children.  This example was made in Ohrenburg in 1989.

Маска Детский 3 (МД-3) = Child's Mask 3 (MD-3)

Противогаз Детский Фильтрующий = "Child's Filtering Gas Mask"

Школьный = "School"


Similar masks in my collection:  Russian MD-1A size 4, Russian MD-1A size 1, Russian MD-1A size 5

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