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French Appareil Filtrant Marine 34

The French Appareil Filtrant Marine 34 used a metal facepiece with two round lenses made of triplex glass.  It had a central speech diaphragm and an exhale valve at the chin.  Right above the eyes was an inlet attached to a hose leading to the filter, which was held in place by a clip fixed to the head harness.  The Model 39 helmet included with this setup had a slit in the back for the filter clip to pass through.  The A.F.M. 34 was used by the French navy, as the filter placement allowed for swimming while wearing the mask.

The civilian version of this mask, sold as Appareil L.M.B., was identical to the navy mask but did not include a helmet.  The original hoses on these masks have disintegrated and been replaced with a modified Soviet hose.  These examples were made by Luchaire in 1935 and 1937.

Appareil Filtrant Marine = "Marine Filtering Device"

L.M.B. = ?


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