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Gas Masks In The Cinema


Please help me fill in the blanks and add to the list!

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3 Kings - 
A-Team - 
Airplane II - USN MkV
Aliens - 
Arq - 
Avatar - 
The Black Scorpion - [oxy tank & hose w/mouthpiece]
Blade II - Canadian C3 & [?]
Captain America 1st Avenger - 
Captain America Civil War - US M50
class of Nukem High - British General Civilian Respirator
Close Encounters - USN Mk V
The Crazies - 
Critters 2 - [halfmask x helmet?]
Das Boot -
Dawn of the Dead (George A. Romero) - USN MkIV

Den Of Thieves - 
Dredd - [respirator]
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Italian T35

    (Spanish export w/CMP filter)
Flight of the Navigator - [hazmat]
Godzilla(2014) - US M40, US M17, Canadian C3
Hardware - 
Hellfighters - 
Iron Sky - [space mask] (w/German FE filter)
James Bond - VARIOUS (complete list in progress)
Jarhead - M17A2 (w/M6 hood)
Ключ (Key) - 
Kung Fury - Soviet SchMS
Let's Scare Jessica to Death - GR-2000

Monsters - US M40, Israeli m4A1, [halfmask]
My Bloody Valentine (1981) - MSA All Vision Diaphragm

My Bloody Valentine (2009) - Russian GP-7 (modified)

New World Order - 
Pacific Rim - 
Paul - MSA Millenium
Planet Terror - 
The Pyramid - 
Resident Evil - British S10
Resident Evil Apocalypse - 
Return of the Living Dead Part II - 
Robinson Crusoe on Mars - 
Running Man - 
Rush Hour - US M17, Survivair (blue)
Shaun of the Dead - British S10?
Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows - British MkV? (in bkgd at arsenal), [fake pure oxygen thing]
Soldier - Covers Respirator?, US MkIII (modified), US M17 (modified)
Space Jam - Dutch Type K
Splice - 
Star Wars A New Hope - British MkIV Service Respirator
Street Fighter - 
Suckerpunch - [fake junk]
Terminator - 
Terminator Genysis - (40:30)
This Gun for Hire (1942) - Davis JM
Time Bandits - British MkV Service Respirator
Toxic Avenger [2 or 3] - British Civilian Duty Respirator
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - M17
Transformers Dark Side of the Moon - [Chernobyl scene]
Tron - [halfmask]
The Tuxedo - 
Ultraviolet - Soviet GP5, [medical mask, others]
Undead - Soviet GP5
Watchmen - British MkV (2:14)
Whiffs - US M17
You Only Live Once - Bullard


American Pickers (season 11 ep 3) - Siebe Gorman & NORBA,      (13 ep 12) - [diving helmet], US Mickey Mouse, US CDV 805
A-Team (episode w/Rick James & Isaac Hayes) - 
Batman - VARIOUS (complete list in progress)
Luke Cage (ep 9?) SGE 400
Married With Children (Build a Better Mousetrap, 1988) -
Mysteries at the Museum (season 2 ep 5) - Belgian M51 &            MSA Oxygen Mask, (season? ep?) - Garrett Morgan Smoke Hood, (season10 ep7)
Stranger Things - [hazmat suits], [sensory deprivation tank        helmet], Scott[?]



Battle for Terra
Dungeons & Dragons (episode 11 The Box)
G.I. Joe
Monsters Inc
Planet of the Apes (episode 5 Lagoon of Peril)
The Real Ghostbusters (Egon on a Rampage)
Toxic Crusaders
Voltron [Netflix] (episode 1)



Sepultura (Arise) - US MkIV, 
Tears for Fears (Head Over Heels) - British Civilian Duty Respirator

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